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Safe, Secure Helical Pile Installation For Oil & Gas Applications

The oil and gas industry often provides tough landscapes for industrial construction — but when you’re dealing with hazardous materials, protecting your people and your environment is critical. In order to build safely and effectively, you need a structural support system that suits whatever unique environment you’re in and that is proven to remain secure for years to come. Our helical pile systems check all the boxes, offering safe, simple installation and proven durability in rugged terrains.

Trust Elite Helical’s solutions for a range of applications within the oil and gas industry, including:

  • Pipelines
  • Compressor stations
  • Facilities
  • Rig supports

Maximize the Benefits of Helical Piling with Elite Helical Solutions

If you need foundational support for an application in the oil and gas industry, helical piles are the ideal solution. They can be custom designed to support your project’s specific needs, be installed within less than a day, and withstand the rigorous wear and tear from harsh environmental conditions.

Where speed, durability, and safety are key, helical piles are your tried-and-true answer. Trust our experts at Elite Helical to evaluate your site and project goals, then determine the best plan of action for design, supply, and installation. Your trusted turnkey solution, wherever and whenever you need it.

50+ Years of Helical Pile Installation Experience

With 50+ combined years of experience and a large portfolio of successful projects, our team has the knowledge and skills needed to guarantee high-quality end results and excellent customer satisfaction. We’re your trusted key to faster, safer, sounder helical piling solutions.

Expedited & Clean Installation
When building new or reinforcing an existing structure, time is often of the essence. We install our helical pile systems quickly, cleanly, and in all weather conditions — allowing us to offer some of the fastest response times in the industry, and allowing you to keep your project moving.
Remote-Location Installation
Many construction projects in the oil and gas industry take place in remote locations or areas with limited access. Elite Helical’s solutions are proven to accommodate for that. No matter where your pipelines or rigs are located, we’re able to provide the structural support you need, quickly and effectively.
Removable & Reusable
Helical piles can be installed within minutes, and they can be removed just as quickly. If your project reaches a point where foundational support is no longer required, our experts can easily remove and repurpose the piles for your next application — leaving minimal to no environmental impact.


Our Commitment to Safety

For us, safety isn’t an afterthought; it’s a priority. From regular staff trainings on OSHA regulations, to proactive identification and preparation for high-risk projects, we bring enhanced safety protocols into every project we’re involved in. The extra effort we put in to protecting our people and environment has made us one of the safest companies in the industry.

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From design, to supply, to installation, Elite Helical is your trusted turnkey helical pile contractor. With versatile tools and excellent customer service, we can provide an effective solution for your project.

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